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Aaro RW High Pressure Washer



The Serco Aaro RW high-pressure washers are the professional choice for demanding use. The Serco Aaro RW has been designed and manufactured in Finland, like all other Serco products.

The RW high-pressure washer is meant to be used with low-pressure pumps and the maximum pressure of the pumps is 20 bar. The washer is very versatile and it can effectively clean large yards and market places as well as smaller areas. The versatile adjustment possibilities ensure optimum performance at every stage of the job. The Serco Aaro RW high-pressure washer is truly the professional choice for washing work.


Versatile washer movements and features ensure safety at work

When designing the Serco Aaro RW high-pressure washer, special attention was paid to the fact that washing often occurs when there is other traffic, making exiting the vehicle a work safety risk. That is why the movements and features of the washer have been designed so that even hard to reach places can be effectively washed without having to exit the vehicle. These reach-increasing features include e.g. side shift in both directions, a water cannon, boom turn and nozzle turn, which enables washing while backing up. There are reflectors and marker poles at the ends of the nozzle pipe increasing its visibility to other traffic.



Image 1. The Aaro RW High-pressure washer has excellent reach. Reach is improved by e.g. the water cannon shown in the image.


How the washer makes work more ecological

There are a lot of people in the world who cannot take clean water for granted. This is why Serco products have been designed to be as ecological as possible. A good example of this is the possibility of minimizing the water consumption of the Serco Aaro RW high-pressure washer in varying situations. The water consumption of the washer’s nozzle pipe can be traditionally adjusted by changing the water pump’s output and pressure. However, in addition to this, the nozzle pipe of the Serco Aaro RW washer has valves, which can be used to interrupt the flow of water either on the left or the right side of the pipe. This is a particularly handy feature e.g. when washing road edges or the base of the curb. Usually dirt accumulates in these narrow places and by halving the washing width, water consumption is also halved. The water consumption of the Serco Aaro RW high-pressure washer can be further adjusted by choosing a nozzle best suited for the job at hand for the nozzle pipe.


Incredible reach

Serco Aaro RW high-pressure washer comes with an optional hose reel, which can either be mechanical or have an electric rewind feature. The hose reels as well as the optional water cannon ensure that you can wash even those hard-to-reach places. The water cannon is controlled with a joystick from the cab of the vehicle, which again avoids the need to get out of the vehicle during washing work.



Image 2. The water cannon of the Aaro RW High-pressure washer is controlled with a joystick from the cab of the vehicle. This avoids the need to exit the vehicle during washing work.


Hydraulics at the front of the lorry are no longer needed

High-pressure washers have traditionally required quite a lot of hydraulics from the truck or tractor. The Serco Aaro RW has been designed to remove this need, which has restricted the amount of available base machines that could be used during street washing season. All of the movements and valve controls of the Serco Aaro RW High-pressure washer are electric. This means that no hydraulics are required at the front of the truck. The washer can be installed on the plow bumper, if the vehicle has one, or it can be mounted on a special washer bracket.



If you became interested in this SERCO Aaro RW High-pressure washer, we definitely recommend you have it installed by us. All of the RW High-pressure washers we manufacture are checked using water when they are installed on the vehicle. This way we can ensure that all features function as they should and that the client receives a washer that is ready to use. If you choose not to have the washer installed by us, we sadly cannot check it using water. In such cases we perform the tests using pressurized air. This is why we definitely recommend you have this RW washer installed by us. This way, any confusion can be avoided and we can fix any possible problems straight away. Additionally, we can give further instructions and tips for using and maintaining the RW high-pressure washer and its functions during pick up.


Ask our sales person for further information on our installing service. We are happy to help!


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