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Electrical Hose Reel


Serco offers versatile equipment for city infra washing. Flying dust is an ever-increasing problem in built-up areas and cities, especially in the spring. Dust causes various health problems and that is why dust and its prevention is becoming more of an issue. The growing demands for dust management have also increased the demands set for machines and devices that are used for cleaning built-up areas in the spring.


High-quality product used by fire departments

The Serco electrical hose reel is a high-quality product manufactured by a well-known German manufacturer of fire-fighting equipment. The hose reel has proven itself in demanding fire and rescue use. The basis of the design has been the clients’ need for a hose reel that can provide enough water and is durable in tough conditions.


Hose reel with electric rewind feature

The reel is available with 12 or 24 V voltage. The reel also has a crank which can be used to rewind the hose, if power is lost for some reason.


Together with other Serco washing products

Together with other Serco washing products, the electrical hose reel forms a very effective unit for the fast-paced washing season. The hose reel can easily be paired with e.g. the pumps sold by Serco. The hose reel is available as an optional extra e.g. with the Serco Aaro RW and Serco Aaro CC high-pressure washers as well as the transport tanks manufactured by Serco.


Size classes

SERCO Electrical Hose Reel 600808
The Serco electrical hose reel has an electric rewind feature.

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