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Kerttu KPK Packed Snow Grader


When maintaining roads and yards in summer and winter, situations arise in which the features of a road grader are needed but in a more compact size. For these situations Serco has developed the Kerttu KPK Packed snow grader, which can take care of packed snow in the winter and even out gravel roads and fields in the summer.

Unbelievably agile and versatile

The SERCO Kerttu KPK Packed snow grader is the “little brother” of a standard road grader with almost all the same features. This is why the device is handy for e.g. shaping the surfaces of yards. Many contractors, who prepare ground for asphalt in the summer, have chosen the Serco Kerttu KPK packed snow grader as their tool, because when combined e.g. with a wheel loader, it is a far more agile device than a traditional road grader. The Serco Kerttu KPK Packed snow grader’s features include blade tilt, blade turning, blade side shift and blade raising/lowering as standard.

For any machine

The Serco Kerttu KPK is available with all common quick couplers and changing the coupler later is also easy, because it is bolt-on.

Easy and very accurate steering

The hydraulics of the device have also been built to be user-friendly and the base machine only has to have continuous pressure and return connections. The packed snow grader is controlled from the cab using two joysticks and the ECU. The electro-hydraulic steering is extremely accurate and allows for easy shaping of surfaces.


The Serco Kerttu KPK Packed snow grader is available with either a 2.5 m or 3 m blade. The available optional extras include the following: hydraulic knife blade for material flow cut off at the output end, or the equivalent fixed blade, as well as a stinger blade to improve the device’s bite into the surface.


Size classes

SERCO Kerttu 2500KPK Packed Snow Grader 600965
The SERCO Kerttu 2500KPK Packed Snow Grader is intended for base machines weighing at least 8 to 9 tonnes.

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SERCO Kerttu 3000KPK Packed Snow Grader 603843
The SERCO Kerttu 3000KPK Packed snow grader is intended for base machines weighing at least 9 tonnes.

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