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Niilo 2500KH Bucket Brush

Niilo 2500KH Bucket Brush


The Serco Niilo 2500KH is a bucket brush that has a 2.5 metre working width. It is the biggest model of the Niilo bucket brush range. Because of its power and large capacity, it is excellently suited for large areas, such as parking lots and terminals. The ability to change the rotation direction of the brush enables its use also as an open brush. As an optional extra, an innovative dust binding system with antifreeze tank is available for the Serco Niilo 2500KH Bucket brush. The antifreeze effectively stops the water system’s hoses from freezing.

Available with all common quick couplers. The price always includes a quick coupler of the client’s choice.


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Niilo 2500KH Bucket Brush



- Working width 2,500 mm

- Width 2,700 mm

- Height 1,100 mm

- Depth 1,800 mm

- Weight 945kg

- Bucket capacity 1000 / 560 L (water capacity/ capacity while brushing)

- Watering system tank capacity 275 L

- Antifreeze tank capacity 20 L

- Lamella diameter 900 mm



- Bolt-fastened and reversible wear lip plate

- Wear pads on the sides of the bucket

- Brush lifted using separate hydraulics

- Mechanical adjustment for pressing the brush against the ground.

- Brush rotation direction can be switched (enables use as open brush)

- Quick coupler has float

- Strong support wheels



- The hydraulics of the Serco Niilo KH Bucket brush are always built according to the base machine.

- Oil flow requirement is at minimum 60L/min and 100L/min at maximum.

- The Serco Niilo KH Bucket brush can be equipped with a 6/2 electric valve, depending on the base machine.


Other information:

- The Serco Niilo KH Bucket brush has been steel bead blasted and coated with a polyurethane paint

Optional extras:

- Dust binding system

- 6/2 electric valve