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Niilo KH Bucket Brush


The KH Bucket brushes of the Serco Niilo range are the result of highly evolved product design and are Serco’s answer to many of the problems our clients have faced when cleaning streets and yards in the spring. The Niilo KH Bucket brushes are effective and reliable bucket brushes for cleaning up grit and sand in cities and built-up areas. The carefully constructed and managed production chain of Serco ensures the quality of these bucket brushes intended for professional use.

Suitable for all machines

The Niilo KH Bucket brushes are available for various base machines in several size classes. The bucket brush can be mounted e.g. on tractors, reach stackers, wheel loaders, compact tractors and utility machines.

The Niilo KH backet brushes can be equipped with any available quick coupler. The quick coupler is always part of the delivery and is included in the price. We stock more than 20 different quick couplers and more can be made if needed.

Features valued by professionals

The Niilo KH Bucket brush has many well-thought-out details that have been developed based on customer feedback. The two largest models have two features, which are hard to find in other bucket brushes on the market. The rotation direction of their brushes can be changed, so that the Niilo bucket brush can also be used as an open brush. There is also no need to worry about the watering system hoses freezing on chilly spring nights. The Niilo Bucket brush watering system’s tank comes with a small separate container for antifreeze as standard. The antifreeze in the small container can effectively be used for preventing the watering system hoses from freezing when the temperatures drop. These features enable the user to work more sustainably and economically.



Image 1. The SERCO Niilo Bucket brush can also be used as an open brush.

Easy adjustability brings cost effectiveness

All models come with a lip plate that is bolted on for easy replacement, a floating brush, support wheels and several other details, which make working easier.

All Niilo KH models have very simple and easy-to-use brush height adjustment. This is important, as pressing the bristles too hard on the ground causes excessive wear. Adjusting the brush to an optimum height guarantees the best possible cleaning result as well as the long service life of the bristles. This saves both time and money.

Also, changing the brush elements on a Niilo KH Bucket brush is easy and simple, and it can be done without special tools. We also supply all necessary replacement parts for the Niilo KH Bucket brush.


Size classes

Niilo 1200KH Bucket Brush 603436
The Niilo 1200KH Bucket Brush (formerly TOP KH120 Bucket brush) has a working width of 1,200 mm and weighs 370 kg.

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Niilo 1600K-KH Bucket Brush 603437
Niilo 1600K-KH Bucket brush The Niilo 1200KH Bucket brush (formerly TOP KH160K Bucket brush) has a working width of 1600mm and weighs 425kg.

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Niilo 2000KH Bucket Brush 604263
The working width of the Niilo 2000KH Bucket Brush is 2,000 mm and its weight is 765 kg.

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Niilo 2500KH Bucket Brush 604266
The working width of the Niilo 2500KH Bucket brush is 2500mm and its weight is 945kg.

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