Order and delivery terms


1. The terms of contract described here include the terms applied to the use of the Serco webshop and to the orders made through it. When ordering through our webshop, the buyer accepts these terms and commits to following them.

2. The seller party of the orders made in the Serco webshop is the Finnish company JPT Jaskari Oy (VAT number FI 19742602).

3. All rights pertaining to the content of the service belong to JPT Jaskari Oy. JPT Jaskari Oy has the right to change these terms of contract. The client accepts these changes by using the webshop. The applicable terms of contract can be seen in the shopping cart of the webshop before completing the order and at the very bottom of the webshop pages.


Ordering products and order confirmation

1. Ordering and delivery requires that the buyer is at least 18 years old and is a entrepreneur/company with a valid VAT number. We check the VAT number of all new buyers before confirming the order.
2. The buyer can make an order in our webshop without registering in the webshop. The completed order commits the buyer.
3. Ordering is performed by adding the desired products to the shopping cart and by following the instructions given in the shopping cart.

4. Not all of the products in our webshop can be ordered directly from our webshop. In such cases, we request that you ask for a quote by clicking “Ask for a quote” in the webshop or by contacting our sales persons directly.

5. Orders made in the webshop are sent directly to the e-mails of JPT Jaskari Oy personnel, from which they are processed in order of arrival and documented in our production management system.

6. After receiving the order, JPT Jaskari Oy personnel send a separate order confirmation of every webshop order, containing delivery time as well as payment and delivery terms, as soon as possible to the e-mail given by the buyer. This is why the buyer must give their e-mail address when making the order.

7. The contact information requested in connection with the order will not be used for anything apart from processing and delivering the order or for clarifying any issues pertaining to the order. Further information can be found under the section “Privacy policy”.


Paying for the order

1. At this point, it is not possible to pay for the orders through our webshop. A separate invoice will be sent to the buyer in accordance with the payment terms detailed in the order confirmation.

2. The products remain the property of the seller until the sale price has been paid in its entirety.

3. If there are any questions pertaining to payment of the order, we ask that you contact our Director of Finance Armi Kaukoperko: armi.kaukoperko(at)serco.fi / +358 2 4808 7004.


Delivery method

1. The buyer can select the delivery method in point two of the shopping cart “2. Delivery method”.

2. Based on the chosen delivery method, the delivery costs that are charged from the buyer are confirmed in the order confirmation.

3. How the delivery costs are formed:

a. If the option “Pickup from our warehouse” is chosen, no delivery charges are added to the order confirmation

b. If the option “Delivered-to-premises” is chosen, delivery costs are added to the order confirmation and charged from the buyer in accordance with the order confirmation.

c. If the option “Ex-warehouse” is chosen, no delivery charges are added to the order confirmation and the buyer organises the transport themselves. The weight and measurements of the delivery can be inquired directly from the sender of the order confirmation.

4. The delivery charges charged from the buyer are based on actual delivery charges and they are always calculated on a case-by-case basis for the ordered product and for the chosen delivery address.

5. For our delivery transports we use our contract carriers Kaukokiito and Posti.

6. If there are difficulties in delivering the ordered product, the buyer will be contacted by JPT Jaskari Oy personnel.


Product packing

1. Small products are packed in cardboard boxes and larger ones on pallets. If necessary, collars are added to the pallets to protect the products. We also use e.g. foam and stretch film to protect the products during delivery.

2. Possible used packing materials, such as cardboard boxes, pallets and collars, are charged separately.


Delivery time

1. The delivery time of the products is confirmed separately to the buyer in the order confirmation.

2. We aim to deliver all products as soon as possible.


Cancelling an order

1. Orders made in the webshop are binding.

2. It is, however, possible to cancel an order before a delivery confirmation has been sent to the buyer. After this, the order can no longer be cancelled. More information on cancelling an order is included in the response message that is sent to the buyer immediately after the order has been placed.

3. If necessary, you can contact our Webshop Manager Outi Nenonen directly: outi.nenonen(at)serco.fi / +358 2 4808 7007.


Returning products

1. The products ordered from our webshop do not have the right to be returned within 14 days as stated in the Consumer Protection Act, as we do not sell products to natural persons/consumers via our webshop. We only sell to entrepreneurs and companies that have a valid VAT number.


Uncollected orders

1. If the buyer fails to collect the product without notifying JPT Jaskari Oy, it is not a return of product.

2. We charge a payment that is equal to the delivery charges and other costs incurred for deliveries that were not cancelled or received from the point of pick up.



1. The products have a warranty of one year (12 months), for which the seller, i.e. JPT Jaskari Oy, is liable. A possible product-specific longer warranty has been stated separately in the information of the product. Along with the product, the buyer will receive a packing list, which also functions as the warranty certificate of the product. It is the duty of the buyer or user to keep it safe.

2. Any exchanges or repairs that have been made based on the warranty do not lengthen the original warranty of the product.

3. JPT Jaskari Oy may be freed from liability, if it can be proven that the fault or defect of the product has been caused by use that goes against the product’s instructions or its intended use.

4. Further information on the warranty terms can be found here. The warranty terms can also be found in the user manual that may accompany the product.

5. The buyer or user must inform JPT Jaskari Oy of the product’s defect within reasonable time from detecting the defect or from when the defect should have been detected.


Other terms

1. JPT Jaskari Oy is not liable for any delays in delivery caused by a force majeure.

2. Finnish law is applied to possible contractual disputes between the buyer and JPT Jaskari Oy.


Problem situations:

1. If the product has been lost or damaged during transport or it is otherwise different from what you ordered, you must inform Outi Nenonen of it within 14 days of accepting the delivery: outi.nenonen(at)serco.fi / +358 2 4808 7007.

2. If the packaging has been damaged by delivering company, a complaint about the product must be made to them immediately.