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SERCO Aaro CC High Pressure Washer

Serco Aaro CC

The Serco Aaro CC High-pressure washer is meant to be installed on trucks and tractors.

The Serco Aaro CC is easy to install if there are enough hydraulics on the vehicle. One cable is needed from the vehicle cab to the front washer. This cable controls the device’s main water valve. Additionally, a water line is needed from the pump to the nozzle ramp.

The effective washing width is about 3 metres and water consumption is 200-350 L/min, depending on the nozzle.

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Serco Aaro CC


- Machine width 2,800 mm
- Machine length 1,700 mm
Machine weight ca. 235 kg
- Washer pipe swing 27° left and right
Mechanical adjustment of nozzle angle
- Side shift 500 mm left and right
- Lift 400 mm


- Washing width 3 m
- Water consumption 200-350 L/min (depends on the used nozzles)


- Operating voltage 12 V (e.g. cigarette lighter 20 A)

Other information:

The standard delivery of the Serco Aaro CC includes:
- ECU (12V) and
quick coupler of choice.
The standard colour of the machine frame is RAL7024 (dark grey). Rust-free piping.
The delivery does not include installation or the water or hydraulic hoses/couplings that may be needed for installation.
We also provide an installation service. Installation work and accessories are invoiced according to what has been done/used.