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SERCO Aaro LMP Road Sign Washer

Serco Aaro LMP Road Sign Washer

The Serco Aaro LMP Road sign washer is suitable for installation on pickups, light lorries and larger trucks and trailers.

The Serco Aaro LMP road sign washer is quick and easy to install. It is lifted onto the bed of a vehicle either using a fork lift or using a lifting jack and the device’s lifting lugs. After this, the washer is firmly tied down using cargo straps. The versatile adjustment possibilities of the washer ensure successful installation on any vehicle. All that is left is to install is the cable running from the vehicle cab to the washer and the device is ready to use.

The washer is controlled using a joystick. The pump is also started electrically from the cab. Other features that are controlled from the control unit include washer nozzle heating and work light.

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Serco Aaro LMP Road Sign Washer


- Machine width 1,000mm
- Machine length 1,580mm
- Machine height 1,300-1,800 mm (moving washer)
Machine weight ca. 375 kg
- Tank capacity 1,000 L (standard)



- Washer nozzle angle adjustment left/right electric 130°
- Washer nozzle angle adjustment up/down electric 130°
- Washing distance 15 metres (minimum)
Water consumption ca. 2 litres per road sign (normal sized sign e.g. speed limit sign)
- Washing pressure max. 15 bar


- Control voltage 12 V (e.g. cigarette lighter 20 A)
- Tank heating elements 220 V or 400 V

Other information:

The delivery does not include installation or the water or hydraulic hoses/couplings that may be needed for installation.
We also provide an installation service. Installation work and accessories are invoiced according to what has been done/used.