Extra equipment

SERCO Additional weight 500 kg

SERCO TL Additional weight 500 kg (for the Kerttu 2500TL Road Grader)


The SERCO TL Additional weight 500 kg is easy to install on the Serco Kerttu 2500TL road grader. The road grader already has brackets to which the additional weights are easy to attach using bolts. Up to 3 pcs of weights can be added, making the additional weight 500, 1,000 or 1,500 kg.

Note that a maximum of 1,500 kg of additional weight can be added to one road grader.

With the help of the optional stinger blades and the additional weights, the Serco Kerttu Road grader can be used to even out harder gravel surfaces.


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SERCO TL Additional weight 500 kg


- Length 1,990 mm

- Height 223 mm

- Width 220 mm

- Weight 500 kg



- 4 pcs of M20 x 5 bolts and nuts (part of the delivery)