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SERCO JCE pump 3" (with hydr. motor)

JCE 3” Powerful centrifugal pump with hydraulic motor

The JCE 3” is the hydraulically operated smallest model of the JCE pumps. The JCE 3” is suited for washing, watering and transferring fluids e.g. between transport and storage tanks.
This model, like all the other JCE pumps, has a suction feature. Using this suction feature, the JCE pump can be used for filling tanks from e.g. rivers or lakes, which helps save clean drinking water.
The pump has 3” sewage couplings as standard, but it can be supplied with the couplings of your choice.

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JCE 3” Powerful centrifugal pump with hydraulic motor

Technical data:

- Max. pressure 5 bar
- Max. output 1,100 L/min
- Max. suction height 6 metres
- Pump weight 45 kg
- 3” sewage couplings

Hydraulic requirements:

- Hydraulic oil flow 60 L/min (max. 90 L/min)
- Hydraulic oil pressure 180-220 bar
- Three hydraulic hoses (pressure and return 3/4”, free tank line 3/8”)


The free tank line must not be connected to the pump return line. It has to be a separate line to the hydraulic oil tank!