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SERCO Kerttu 2500KPK Packed Snow Grader

SERCO Kerttu 2500KPK Packed Snow Grader


The Serco Kerttu 2500KPK Packed snow grader is suited for various roads and gravel fields. The device weighs 1,880 kg. Various blades are available as optional extras, e.g. stinger blades and grader blades. The device is delivered with standard even blades.

Additionally, there is an option of fitting both ends of the main blade with either mechanical or hydraulic material flow cut off blades. A hydraulic material flow cut off blade comes in handy e.g. when removing packed snow in the winter. The blade can be used to prevent material from forming a ridge and blocking driveways and crossing roads. Just lower the blade before a driveway and lift it up after.

The device with its 2.5 metre blade requires a 8 to 9 tonne base machine at minimum. The Serco Kerttu KPK Packed snow grader is controlled electro-hydraulically using the base machines own hydraulics but the devices own electric control. A continuous pressure and return connection is required from the base machine. The hydraulic material flow cut off blade, available as an optional extra, requires a second dual-action hydraulic block.


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SERCO Kerttu 2500KPK Packed Snow Grader


Hydraulic blade lift and tilt

Hydraulic blade side shift

- Hydraulic blade turning (45 degrees left and right, the material flow cut off blade limits this partially)

- Freely turning front wheels (tyre size 0/75-15.3/10)

- Standard blade attachment (305 mm)

Bolt-on quick coupler

Electro-hydraulic control using two joysticks


- Length 3,000 mm

- Width 2,500 mm

- Height ca. 1,800 mm

- Weight with 2,500 mm wide blade 1,880 kg.


Hydraulic requirements:

- Pressure and free return connection (oil requirement 40 L/min)

- 1 x dual-action block is the hydraulic material flow cut off blade is chosen as an optional extra


Optional extras:

SERCO KPK Stinger blades

Hydraulic material flow cut off blade

Mechanical stop for material flow

Laser measuring system. (KOVA)


Ville Alanko - Juhani & Ville Alanko Oy in Mäntsälä - 11.5.2020

“Preconceptions about the SERCO Kerttu Packed snow grader can be absolutely ridiculous; some may even snigger a bit. Once the job is done, the opinion always changes for the positive. You wouldn't know just by looking at it, that it is such a good and agile machine, e.g. for an articulated wheel loader. We use one on our 5,000 kilo machine.

Many compare it to a road grader, but really, there is no comparison. The Kerttu KPK is on a whole other level of agility. We use mainly grit and there have never been any problems with Kerttu. It is a Finnish product and the deal went smooth as well. I highly recommend.”