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SERCO Kerttu 2500TL Road Grader

Serco Kerttu 2500TL Road Grader

The Serco Kerttu 2500TL Road grader is suited for various roads and gravel fields. The device weighs 1,760 kg and it is enough for most soft road surfaces. The stinger blades and additional weights available as optional extras make the grader suitable even for harder gravel surfaces.

The power requirement is a minimum of 80 hp. The device is controlled using the tractor’s own hydraulics. The safety-enhancing driving and brake lights, turn indicators and warning beacon also come as standard.


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SERCO Kerttu 2500TL Road Grader



Hydraulic lift and tilt

Hydraulic side blade

Spinning tow beam

Floating stone rake

Standard blade attachment (305mm)

- Driving lights, LED beacon and low-speed vehicle triangle

- Tyres 10.0/75 - 15.3


- Length 9,400 mm

- Width 2,400 mm

- Width with the side blade down 3,000 mm

- Height with blades up 1,800 mm

- Weight 1,760 kg


Hydraulic requirements:

- 2 x dual-action

- 1 x single-action

(Total of 5 pcs of hoses)


Also see optional extras:

- SERCO TL Stinger blades (for front blades)

 - SERCO TL Additional weights 1, 2 or 3 pcs of 500 kg weights (max. 1,500 kg / road grader)