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SERCO KPK Hydraulic Side Blade

SERCO KPK Hydraulic side blade

The Serco packed snow grader hydraulic side blade is a handy extra when wishing to stop material flow to the main blade for a moment. E.g. when removing packed snow, the blade can be lowered at a crossing road, which removes the need for cleaning up crossings later.

Also, when e.g. evening out a base for asphalt, the hydraulic side blade allows for moving more material.

Can be attached right or left or both sides.


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SERCO KPK Hydraulic side blade

The Serco KPK Hydraulic side blade requires that the base machine have a dual-action hydraulic block. This means it is completely independent of the Serco KPK Packed snow grader’s hydraulics.

- Blade length 400 mm

- Attached by bolting on to the end of the main blade. (Bolts included in delivery)