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SERCO Niilo 1800HL Collecting Brush Device

Serco Niilo 1800HL Collecting Brush Device


The Serco Niilo 1800HL is the smallest model equipped with a 600 mm brush. Bigger models all use a 600 mm diameter brush. It is meant to be mounted on base machines weighing a minimum of 5t. The working width of the brush device is 1800mm. The Serco Niilo 1800HL model also has a watering system and a side brush.

Like all other models, the Serco Niilo 1800HL brush device is available with all common quick couplers. The quick coupler is attached with bolts to the floating frame.


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Serco Niilo 1800HL Collecting Brush Device



- Width 2,120 mm

- Working width 1,800 mm

- Brush diameter 600 mm

- Sand container capacity 290 L

- Water container capacity 190 L

- Weight (with empty containers) 554 kg



- Longitudinal and latitudinal float

- Brush turn right/left

- Watering system

- Side brush

- Support wheels, 3 pcs



- Oil flow requirement 30-80 L/min

- 2 hydraulic hoses. (Standard delivery)

- The hydraulics can be built in accordance with the base machine


Other information:

- Electric water pump 12V or 24V

- Brush painted with polyurethane paint, RAL 7012

- Base machine weight recommendation min. 5 t.