SERCO Stinger blade set TL

SERCO TL Stinger blade set

The SERCO Stinger blade set is meant for the Serco Kerttu TL Road grader. The stinger blade set is used to replace the two first blades of the road grader that get the most wear when grading grit and gravel roads. The stinger blade effectively removes material even from harder road surfaces.

With the help of the optional stinger blades and the additional weights, the Kerttu Road grader can be used to even out harder gravel surfaces.


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SERCO TL Stinger blade set


- Blade lengths 900 and 1,200 mm

- Stinger angle 45 deg.

- Bolt pattern 305 mm




- The blades are attached using M16 x 50mm bolts (3 + 4 pcs are included in delivery)