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SERCO Valter 1500TKS Roller Bucket Spreader

Serco Valter 1500TKS Roller Bucket Spreader

The Serco Valter 1500TKS Roller bucket spreader is the second largest spreader in the TKS series. Its capacity is 1,500 litres, as the name suggests. It is intended for base machines in the weight range of 7,000-8,000 kg. 

The spreading capacity adjustment of the Serco Valter TKS series machines is done using a flow control valve on the side of the machine. If the oil flow of the base machine can be adjusted, it can also be done from the cab.

Serco Valter 1500TKS is a reliable basic roller spreader. The spreading width of the Valter 1500TKS is 1,650 mm.  


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Serco Valter 1500TKS Roller Bucket Spreader


- Capacity 1,500 L
- Total width 2,030 mm
- Height 1,215 mm
- Length 1,250 mm
- Weight ca. 612 kg (Includes quick coupler. Weight may vary slightly due to the type of quick coupler.)


- Working width 1,650 mm
- Steplessly adjustable spreading roller rotation speed


- Continuous pressure and return connection (two hoses)
- Oil flow min. 40 L/min

Other information:

The Serco Valter 1500TKS delivery includes a crusher roller and a quick coupler of choice as standard. The standard colour of the machine is RAL7024 (dark grey)