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SERCO Vilho 1000LS Disc Spreader

Serco Vilho 1000LS Disc Spreader

Serco Vilho 1000LS is the largest spreader in the LS series of the Vilho product range. Its capacity is 1,000 litres, as the name suggests. It is intended for base machines in the weight range of 6,000-9,000 kg.

Like other LS series machines, the 1000LS is controlled electronically from the base machine cab.
This disc spreader was designed in such a way that it will not restrict the agility of large utility machines or tractors even when used in tight gateways or on narrow park lanes. It’s measurements are within the measurements of the base machine in both width and height.


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Serco Vilho 1000LS Disc Spreader


- Capacity 1,000 litres
- Width 1,300 mm
- Length 2,506 mm
- Height ca. 1,800-2,100 mm (depending on the height of the base machine)
- Weight 483 kg


- Spreading capacity 10-200 g/m2 (stepless adjustment)
- Spreading width 1-8 metres (stepless adjustment)


- Pressure and return connection (two hoses)
- Oil flow min. 56 L/min - max. 100 L/min

Other information:

The standard delivery of the Serco Vilho 1000LS includes:
- ECU (12V),
- beacon,
- spring-loaded self-rolling cover,
- container safety net,
- low-speed vehicle triangle and
- mounting feet for the base machine. 

Lifting the spreader to its transport position is done using a handy hydraulic hand pump.
The standard colour of the machine is RAL7024 (dark grey). Ask for a quote on other colour options.