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SERCO Vilho 1500LKS Disc Bucket Spreader

Serco Vilho 1500LKS Disc Bucket Spreader

Serco Vilho 1500LKS Disc bucket spreader is one of the mid-size spreaders in the LKS series. Its capacity is 1,500 litres, as the name suggests. It is intended for base machines in the weight range of 7,000-8,000 kg. 

Like other LKS series machines, the 1500LKS is controlled electronically from the base machine cab.
The Serco Vilho 1500LKS has the same versatile features as the other LKS series models. The spreading width can be steplessly adjusted between 1 and 8 metres. The spreading capacity can also be steplessly adjusted. The spreading capacity per m2 is also affected by the driving speed, but the Vilho 1500LKS spreader has reached spreading capacities of 10-200 g/m2.


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Serco Vilho 1500LKS Disc Bucket Spreader


- Capacity 1,500 L
- Machine width 2,000 mm
- Machine height 1,215 mm
- Machine weight 600 kg (incl. quick coupler)


- Spreading capacity 10-200 g/m2 (stepless adjustment)
- Spreading width 1-8 metres (stepless adjustment)


- Pressure and return connection (two hoses)
- Oil flow min. 56 L/min- 100 L/min.

Other information:

The standard delivery of the Serco Vilho 1500LKS includes:
- ECU (12V) and
- quick coupler of choice.

The standard colour of the machine is RAL7024 (dark grey).