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SKAALA 30-58 TRA Double-frame Plow

SKAALA 30-58 TRA Plow

Skaala 30-58 TRA is the largest of both the single and double-frame Skaala plows. The Skaala 30-58 TRA weighs ca. 2,400 kg and it requires a tractor weighing at least 11 tonnes as a base machine. The width of the plow can be steplessly adjusted between 3,000 and 5,800 mm.

The Skaala 30-58 TRA plow has spring-loaded side blades and a spring-loaded float/attachment device in case of impact.


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SKAALA 30-58 TRA Plow



A. Working width 3000-5800 mm

B. Maximum width 3150-5950 mm

C. Side wing length 1400 mm

D. Wing height 1200 mm


- Weight ca. 2400 kg (weight depends on coupler)

- Base machine weight recommendation min. 11 t


- Fixed-wing, front plate doesn’t turn

- vertical and tilt float

- Spring loaded side blades


- Standard delivery with one hydraulic hose pair without valves (symmetrical spreading)

- Hydraulic quick couplers of choice (remember to add information to order)

Other information:

A choice of cogged or flat blade. (Cogged blade as standard)


Price includes:

- 1/2"" quick couplers,

- floating adapter plate,

- spring loaded side wings,

- side blades HB 400,

- one hose pair (=for symmetrical spreading) and

- quick coupler of your choice.


The standard colour of the machine is RAL7024 (dark grey).