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Skaala A Plow


As wide as you need

The Skaala A Plows are fixed-wing plows that can be hydraulically widened. They are suitable for a multitude of tasks and sites. Skaala Plows are most effective in work, which involves pushing snow for longer distances. The Skaala A Plow’s several size classes include plows for large terminals as well as for e.g. busy and tight parking lots.

The Skaala A Plows are controlled either hydraulically or electro-hydraulically. Controls are customised to your needs when making the order.

Known for their durability

The construction of the Skaala A Plows is very simple, strong and robust. There are very few parts that can wear or break. These features become apparent during the years, as the need for spare parts is very small. Skaala Plows are made to last. Their fixed front plate protects the base machine, as there is no sideway torque as with turning plows.

The Skaala A Plows have been made for tough use. The materials have been chosen in such a way that strong, hard-wearing materials are used where there is actual need for them. The open frame structure prevents the Skaala A Plow from freezing. This means no more problems with ice during plowing.

Ease of maintenance, e.g. greasing, has also been taken into account in the design of the Skaala Plow. This can be seen in everyday use; all maintainable parts are easy to access.

Saves time and money

Skaala Plows are a cost-effective, time and money-saving choice for most uses in which it is necessary to plow snow.

Skaala Plows are quick and efficient. Skaala Plows have no bottom, so emptying it is fast. Just lift up the plow and back away from the pile.

User-friendly features and a neat plowing finish

All Skaala Plows are equipped with spring-loaded side blades and a floating, spring-loaded quick coupler. This ensures that the plow will stay on the ground even on uneven surfaces and conforms to the shape of the surface. The springs press the side blade firmly onto the surface, which also guarantees a neat finish.

Users will be delighted to know that the bolt pattern of the front plate blades is standard. This means that you can find replacement blades for your Skaala A Plow in your hometown’s spare part store. There are several blade options. The side wing blades have been specially designed for the Skaala plow, so you can order them e.g. directly here from our webshop.

The plow is quick to attach using the spring-loaded quick coupler. This makes adjusting the position easier and transporting the plow between sites more pleasant.

Can be attached to various base machines

The Skaala A Plow can be attached to various base machines. The floating spring-loaded quick coupler ensures pleasant days and nights plowing. The plows are available with all the most common quick couplers, so the Skaala A Plow is sure to be compatible with your machine.


Size classes

SKAALA 9-14 A Plow 603880
SKAALA 9-14 A Plow (working width 900-1,400 mm) for base machines weighing 2 to 4 tonnes.

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SKAALA 14-23 A Plow 603881
SKAALA 14-23 A Plow (working width 1,400-2,300mm) for base machines weighing 2 to 4 tonnes.

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SKAALA 16-26 A Plow 603882
SKAALA 16-26 A Plow (working width 1600-2600mm) for base machines weighing 3 to 4 tonnes.

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SKAALA 17-28 A Plow 603883
SKAALA 17-28 A Plow (working width 1700-28000mm) for base machines weighing 3 to 4.5 tonnes.

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SKAALA 19-30 A Plow 603884
SKAALA 19-30 A Plow (working width 1,900-3,000 mm) for base machines weighing 4 to 8 tonnes.

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SKAALA 22-36 A Plow 603885
SKAALA 22-36 A Plow (working width 2200-3600mm) for base machines weighing 7 to 8 tonnes.

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SKAALA 24-40 A Plow 603886
SKAALA 24-40 A Plow (working width 2,400-4,000mm) for base machines weighing 8 to 9 tonnes.

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SKAALA 30-50 A Plow 603887
SKAALA 30-50 A Plow (working width 3,000-5,000 mm) for base machines weighing more than 10 tonnes.

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