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Top 1700HK Dump Bucket

TOP 1700HK Dump bucket

The Top 1700HK Dump bucket is the smallest of the Top Dump buckets. It weighs ca. 425 kg and has a capacity of 1.5 m3. The weight of the Top Dump bucket does not limit its use with small machines as the loadable material is light. The Top Dump bucket is not suited for loading heavy materials, such as gravel, sand or soil.

The Top 1700HK Dump bucket is available with all quick couplers, which are always bolt-on.


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TOP 1700HK Dump bucket



- Width 1,730 mm

- Capacity 1.5 m3

- Height 840 mm

- Depth 1,420 mm

- Weight 425kg



- Hydraulic, moving back wall with safety valves

- Changeable lip plate, standard bolt pattern 305 mm



- In the standard delivery of the Top Dump bucket there are three hydraulic lines leading from the device to the base machine. Pressure, return and shock return, from which the oil can escape the cylinder when the safety pressure valve has been triggered.

- The Top Dump bucket can also be equipped with an optional hydraulic pressure accumulator.


Other information:

- Top Dump buckets are steel bead blasted and coated with polyurethane paint.