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Top 2800/1000UA U-Plow

TOP 2800/1000UA U-PLOW

Top 2800/700UA is the larger of the two U-Plow models. It requires a base machine with the minimum weight of 7 tonnes. This plow is extremely handy for a multitude of uses. One might say it is a combination of a dozer blade, articulated plow and a collecting plow. The big wings that turn 180 degrees gather up more snow in one pass.


The bolt-on quick coupler is always included in the price.

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TOP 2800/1000UA U-PLOW


- Main wing width: 2,800 mm

- Side wing width: 1,000 mm

- Width with wings back: 3,200 mm

- Width with wings on sides: 4,800 mm

- Height: 975 mm

- Length: 1,066 mm

- Weight: 850 kg



- Plow turn angle left/right: 30/30 degrees

- Side wing turning angle: 180 degrees

- Blade angle: +2 - 0 degrees


Standard equipment:

- Bolt-on quick coupler

- perforated blades

- Float


Optional extras:

- Available with different wing heights, lengths and profiles (straight or curved)


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