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Top 6118 SA Zoom plow


The top 6118SA (Light) is a large plow, which is still suitable for fairly small base machines. The moderately light weight of the 6118 has been achieved by using slightly lower wings than in the larger models as well as a narrower working width. The Top 6118SA (Light) Zoom plow only weighs 490 kg, but its working width is in the class of the bigger plows (1,800 to 2,900 mm). The Top 6118SA Zoom plow can be fitted to many different kinds of machines, and it is great for a multitude of uses.

The Top 6118SA Zoom plow offers all the features our Top Zoom plows are known for. The performance and plowing quality of Top Zoom plows are top of the range.

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- Working width 1,800 to 2,900 mm (the entire width of the plow = working width + 100 mm)

- Wing height 720 mm

- Weight ca. 490 kg (depends on the coupling)

- Base machine weight recommendation 2.5 to 4 tonnes



- Turn angle +/- 30 degrees

- Hydraulic turning device equipped with pressure safety valves - Vertical and tilt float

- End plates that can be turned up and have floating blades.

- Spring return trigger device



- The electro-hydraulic controls are always built in accordance with the hydraulics of your base machine.
(one or two hose pairs).

- Hydraulic quick couplers of your choice. (Remember to add info to order.)


Other information:

- You can choose either a cogged or a flat blade.

- The plow frame is coated with polyurethane paint, the front plate is powder coated.