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Top Dump Bucket


The Dump Bucket of the SERCO Top range has been especially designed for loading and moving light materials, such as snow, peat, saw dust and woodchip.

The Top Dump Buckets have several superior features when compared to other bucket types. These include a low loading height and high speed. One excellent feature is also the fact that there is no need to shake a dump bucket in order to empty it fully. This protects the base machine’s joints and hydraulic cylinders from excessive wear. The bucket really doesn’t have to be tilted at all, making it suitable for mounting on e.g. forklifts.

An unbelievable range of compatible base machines

Top Dump buckets are available for a variety of base machines in five size classes. The dump buckets can be mounted e.g. on tractors, wheel loaders, compact tractors, telehandlers and utility machines and even forklifts.

A choice of quick coupler is always included in the price of a Top Dump bucket to ensure a perfect fit with the client’s base machine. All dump bucket quick couplers are bolt-on, so it is easy to change the dump bucket over to another base machine simply by changing the quick coupler. We already stock more than 20 different quick couplers and more can be made if needed.

Durability with years of experience

Top Dump buckets are extremely reliable even in tough use. Thanks to their straight-forward and well-designed construction and years of experience, there are few parts that may malfunction or need servicing.

The dump buckets are made of durable steel. The bucket’s frame has been reinforced by using a variety of profiles. These features are cost-effective in the long run and are user-friendly.

Minimal maintenance and low-cost spare parts

There aren’t many wearing parts in a Top Dump bucket. A plastic wear plate in the back wall, plastic wear pads on the sides of the bucket and rubber seals on the edges of the back wall are really the only parts that wear. They are however quick to replace and low-cost, thanks to their material.

There are also only few parts that require maintenance and adjustment. The hydraulic pressure safety valve has been set at the correct level at the factory, but if it needs to be adjusted, this can also be done easily by the user. In addition, there are a couple of grease nipples, that’s all.

This is why the Top Dump Bucket is superior

1. Low loading height

The idea of the Top Dump bucket is that instead of tilting, it is emptied by hydraulically pushing the bucket’s back wall forwards. Because there is no need to tilt the bucket, the loading height can be kept very low.

2. No need to shake or tilt

The Top Dump bucket also empties reliably, so there is no need to shake the bucket and cause noise and excess stress to the machine’s boom.

3. Controlled unloading of material

The Top Dump bucket can be emptied very neatly and in a controlled way. Unloading can even be done in stages, enabling the controlled filling of trucks.

Saves time and money

Top Dump buckets save time and pay costs as well as fuel and wear on the base machine. Additionally, they bring interest into the otherwise rather monotonous loading work. Quite often it is the loading machine drivers that the truck drivers wait for. The roles change when using Top Dump buckets and the whole loading chain becomes more efficient.

The superior speed of Top Dump buckets becomes apparent e.g. when loading snow. There is no need to stop the base machine and shake the bucket to fully empty it which ensures continuous movement. This makes the driver the one slowing the work down, not the equipment. Behind this superior speed is the hydraulically operated back wall, which forces the loadable material out of the bucket. The back wall’s movement is very speedy in both directions.

Handy standard equipment

All Top Dump buckets come with a cogged blade and pressure safety valve as standard. The bolt-on quick coupler of the client’s choice is also always delivered along with the device. Just remember to let us know the type of hydraulic quick coupler.

The standard delivery of the bucket includes a cogged blade as lip plate, which leaves behind a rough and non-slippery surface e.g. when loading snow. The bolt pattern of the bucket’s lip plate is the standard 305 mm, so if you want, you can easily attach a blade of your choice to the bucket.



Customer feedback

“The best advantage of the Top Dump bucket is even and neat unloading. The hydraulically operated back wall of the bucket unloads evenly and in a controlled way, unlike many other buckets, which dump the entire load in one lump. "


Size classes

Top 1700HK Dump Bucket 603426
The capacity of the Top 1700HK Dump Bucket is 1.5 m3, its width is 1,730 mm and its weight is 425 kg.

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Top 1900HK Dump Bucket 603427
The capacity of the Top 1900HK Dump Bucket is 2.0 m3, its width is 1,900 mm and its weight is 640 kg.

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Top 2000HK Dump Bucket 603425
The capacity of the Top 2000HK Dump Bucket is 2.5 m3, its width is 2,140 mm and its weight is 680 kg.

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Top 2500HK Dump Bucket 603428
The capacity of the Top 2500HK Dump Bucket is 3.2 m3, its width is 2,420 mm and its weight is 1,010 kg.

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Top 2600HK Dump Bucket 603429
The capacity of the Top 2600HK Dump Bucket is 4.7 m3, its width is 2,620 mm and its weight is 1,150 kg.

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