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Top Ice rink plow



TOP Ice rink plows have been specially designed for maintaining various outside ice rinks. It is suited for removing both snow and water from outside ice rinks. The Top Ice rink plow can be used both on large open rinks as well as boarded ice rinks. For use in boarded ice rinks, the Top Ice rink plow has a special flexible end plate mechanism to protect the boards of the rink. This mechanism protects both the plow and the boards from damage.

The Top Ice rink plow helps you use the features of your machine in accordance with conditions and situation and helps lessen the need for manual work. The ice rink plow leaves a smooth result and removes unevenness from the surface of the ice as it plows, thanks to its ideal plowing angle and the special blade.


Can be attached to various base machines

Top Ice rink plows are available for various base machines in two different sizes. The ice rink plows can be mounted e.g. on tractors, wheel loaders, compact tractors and utility machines. Top Ice rink plows can be equipped with any quick coupler. We already stock more than 20 different quick couplers and more can be made if needed.


Robustness creates reliability

Top Ice rink plows are extremely durable even in tough use. Their clear and well-designed structure and the use of feedback from ice rink professionals when designing the plows ensure reliability. A Top Ice rink plow is a long-term investment. These features are cost-effective in the long run and are user-friendly.


Save time and money

Top Ice rink plows are simply the most cost-effective and high-quality means of maintaining an outside ice rink. The special blade of the plow cleans the surface of the ice in one go. Thanks to the blade, the plowing result is smooth, because the blade also removes unevenness from the surface of the ice. This is why everyone using the ice hopes that their ice is cleaned with a Top Ice rink plow. The shape of the wing in turn guarantees that water and snow get thrown far enough to the edges of the rink. The working width of the Top Ice rink plow is just right; the smaller, three-metre plow is designed for boarded ice rinks and the bigger, 3.5 metre plow makes clearing open rinks speedy.


Just the right equipment

Both Top Ice rink plows come with a mechanical, flexible end plate as standard. The hydraulic turning device has been equipped with pressure safety valves and separate impact protectors. All Top Ice rink plows also have vertical and tilt float, which ensure a good plowing result. The turning angle of the plow is +/- 30 degrees.

Electro-hydraulic controls for the Top Ice rink plows are always built in accordance with the hydraulics of your base machine.



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Size classes

Top Ice rink plow 3000SIA 603804
The working width of the Top Ice rink plow 3000SIA is 3,000 mm.

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Top Ice rink plow 3500SIA 603788
The working width of the Top Ice rink plow 3500SIA is 3,500 mm.

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