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Top Ice rink plow 3000SIA

Top Ice rink plow 3000SIA

The Top Ice rink plow 3000SIA has been designed for maintaining open ice rinks. Its sharp blade scrapes the surface of the ice clean. The plow is the right width to be driven into the boarded rink through the openable end doors, and cleaning the rinks is fast. The Top Ice rink plow 3000SIA can be fitted to various machines.


The Top Ice rink plow 3000SIA is a high-quality member of the Top plow range despite its specialised use.

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Top Ice rink plow 3000SIA



- Working width 3,000 mm - Height 700 mm

- Weight ca.290 kg (Weight varies slightly depending on the quick coupler)



- Turn angle +/- 30 degrees

- Hydraulic turning device equipped with pressure safety valves

- Vertical and tilt float

- Spring return trigger device in case of collisions



- The hydraulic controls are always built in accordance with the hydraulics of your base machine.

- Hydraulic quick couplers of your choice (remember to add info to order)


Other information:

- The frame and wing of the plow are coated with polyurethane paint.