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Top Leaf Blower



Top Leaf blowers are designed for fast and efficient blowing away of leaves and trash from various lanes and yards. A Top Leaf blower can be used to easily and efficiently blow leaves into larger piles, from which they are easy to load using e.g. a Top Leaf vacuum.


Easy to mount

The Top Leaf blower can be mounted on the front loader or lifter of a tractor, wheel loader or utility machine. Mounting is done using a quick coupler of which we have 20 different options in our warehouse and more can be made according to need.


Simple to use with versatile reach

The Top Leaf blower is easy to use. Just turn on the hydraulics and you’re ready to go. The leaf blower turns hydraulically left and right and the height of the blower from the ground can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the base machine’s front loader/lifter. This way, the most efficient working height and angle can always be found. This enables e.g. blowing leaves from right under trees and bushes.


Almost maintenance free and safe

The Top Leaf blower is almost maintenance free. There are only a few bearings requiring lubrication, nothing else All wearing parts of the Top Leaf blower are made of wear-resistant steel, so that they need not be replaced often. The device takes in air from its right side. The suction channel is protected by a steel net, so that no impurities can get in and cause a blockage, and the net also makes the device safe for the operator.


Saves time, money and resources

Efficient and time-saving machines and devices quickly save time and money. This is why it is a wise decision to buy a Top Leaf blower. The removal and gathering of leaves and trash becomes efficient and pleasant work. The device is suitable for the efficient cleaning of large areas as well as small, tight areas. Even wet pine needles are efficiently blown away from asphalt or gravel.


Size classes

Top Leaf Blower 603789
The Top Leaf blower is available in one size and it weighs 150 kg. Hydraulics are always built in accordance with the base machine.

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