The Top Leaf blower is available in one size. It is simple to mount on a base machine and that is why it is suitable for almost all vehicles with the necessary hydraulics. Mounting using all common quick couplers (Volvo, Kunta, Vila, Trima, Kramer, etc.) is easy and effortless.

The Top Leaf blower is controlled using the hydraulics of the base machine and by adjusting the height of the base machine’s front loader/lifter. Adjusting the blower left and right is done using a hydraulic cylinder.


* = pakollinen tieto täyttää




- Width 1,450 mm

- Height 840 mm

- Depth 1,420 mm

- Weight 150 kg



- Blower swing 90° in both direction (total of 180°).

- Mounted on the base machine using a quick coupler



- The hydraulics of the Top Leaf blower are always built according to the base machine.

- Oil flow requirement min. 50 l/min (blower)

- The device requires five hydraulic hose lines. (Pressure, return and free tank line for blower. One hose pair for the swing cylinder.)


Other information:

- Top Leaf blowers are steel bead blasted and coated with polyurethane paint.