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Top Leaf Vacuum


The Top Leaf vacuum is a powerful choice for gathering all kinds of light trash or material. The leaf vacuum can handle gathering leaves in autumn as well as gathering trash after a summer festival. The device can also be used for tasks such as removing the insulation material from the floors of old buildings, if the used material consists of e.g. sawdust, chips or peat.


Easy to mount

Mounting the Top Leaf vacuum is very simple. The device has a mounting groove that allows it to be attached to practically any tailgate or container edge. The device should be mounted so that the output pipe of the blower is directed into the container. After this, the hydraulic hoses are attached and the mounting is finished.

Depending on the size of the container, it might be advisable to use a net on top of the container, which allows air through but prevents the collected material from “foaming over” the sides. (A net is not included in the delivery.)



Image 1. Attaching a Top Leaf vacuum to the edge of almost any container is easy.



Simple to use

The Top Leaf vacuum is easy and simple to use. Just turn on the hydraulics and you’re ready to go. The nozzle delivered with the suction hose makes work easier, especially if the material is on the ground. Working with the nozzle is ergonomic. Move the nozzle or the end of the suction hose over the material to be collected and the powerful suction gathers the material into the container.


Almost maintenance-free

The Top Leaf vacuum is almost maintenance-free. There is only one bearing that requires lubrication, nothing else. All wearing parts of the Top Leaf vacuum are made of wear-resistant steel, so that they need not be replaced often.


Save time, money and resources

Top Leaf vacuums save time and pay costs. Collecting leaves and trash becomes more efficient and ergonomic, making work more pleasant.


Optional extras

The Top Leaf vacuum is a package ready for work. In connection with the order, you simply choose the length of suction hose you want with it, either 5 m or 10 m. The suction hose is sold separately and the vacuum is priced accordingly. This enables each customer to choose a suitable hose length when placing the order. For specialised tasks, such as emptying floors of insulation, you may need an even longer suction hose, if the distance from the site to the container is long.


Size classes

Top Leaf Vacuum 603616
The Top LI Leaf vacuum weighs 70 kg and it is suitable for using with a variety of tractors and machines, such as trucks.

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