The Top Leaf vacuum is available in one size. It is simple to mount on a base machine and that is why it is suitable for almost all vehicles with the necessary hydraulics.

The Top Leaf vacuum has all the features necessary for the efficient gathering of leaves and trash. The crushing wing of the TOP Leaf vacuum makes it possible to collect leaves and trash from a relatively large area without the need to empty the container at regular intervals. The crushing wing inside the leaf vacuum efficiently crushes up all material going through it. The material is blown out with force, so that the container can be fully utilized.

Please note:

The price of the Top Leaf vacuum does not contain a suction hose. The reason for this is that this way each customer can choose the right length of hose for their needs, either 5 m or 10 m. The suction hose is priced according to length, so the 5 m hose is cheaper than the 10 m hose.

When asking for a quote or placing an order, tell us which length of hose you need, either 5 m or 10 m. "

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- Width 650 mm

- Height 600 mm

- Length 750 mm

- Weight 70 kg



- Suction hose diameter 200 mm

- Suction hose length 5 m or 10 m (not included in the price of the TOP Leaf vacuum)

- Wearing parts made of wear-resistant steel



- The hydraulics of the Top Leaf vacuum are always built according to the base machine.

- Oil flow requirement min. 50 l/min to 70 l/min

- The device requires three hydraulic hose lines. (Pressure, return and free tank line.)


Other information:

- Top Leaf blowers are steel bead blasted and coated with polyurethane paint.



Terho Suoreijus - Kiinteistöhuolto Reijus Oy - 26.9.2019

"We bought our first TOP leaf vacuum about 10 years ago and it has worked well. The 5 metre suction hose was way too short, so we soon bought a 10 metre hose as an optional extra. The suction performance is good even with the longer hose. The TOP Leaf vacuum is an effective device that functions well. And now that we have expanded our operations, we bought a second TOP Leaf vacuum in the autumn of 2019, because we were pleased with the first one. Now we are using both. In the older device, e.g. the sieve has been changed as a spare part and we have done some maintenance ourselves, but it still works well.

It is quite heavy, so we mounted it on the front edge of a container. There it has been all year round for about 10 years now. There were some extreme cases in which the device wouldn’t suction up small, narrow leaves, but otherwise we have no complaints. On the contrary, we have been very pleased and that’s why we bought a second one.”