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Top UA U-plow



The UA U-plow of the Top product range is a new product for winter 2020-2021 developed in Finland by SERCO. It is a combination of a dozer blade, articulated plow and a collecting plow. Thanks to its rigid springs, the Top U-plow is also suited for removing snow ridges, and thanks to its wings, which can turn 180 degrees, this plow is easy to work with even in tight spaces.


Can be attached to various base machines

Top U-plows are available for various base machines in two different sizes. By equipping the Top U-plow with any quick coupler, it can be mounted e.g. on wheel loaders and compact tractors as well as utility machines. We already stock more than 20 different quick couplers and more can be made if needed.


Image 1. The Top U-plow is available with a quick coupler of the customer's choice.


Strong where it matters

The Top AU U-plow is both strong and light. It was developed using strength calculation software, which was used to determine the actual structural needs in different parts of the plow. This U-plow has no extra iron, only the amount needed for each part.


Side wings increase capacity

Moving snow is quick and easy thanks to the long side wings of the Top U-plow. Unlike with many other plows, the range of motion of the Top U-plow side wings is a complete 180 degrees. This enables smooth plow steering on narrow lanes and tight spaces.


Image 2. The range of motion of the Top U-plow side wings is a 180 degrees, unlike with many other plows.


Tailored to perfection

The wings of the Top U-plows are constructed with bolt-on top sections, which enables you to put together a plow that is exactly suited to your needs. The height of the wings can be changed by either including the additional sections or by leaving them out. Wings are also available with both curved and straight profiles. Some want the snow to be thrown further than others. Ask about the different options and ask for quotes on them.


Image 3. Tailor yourself a plow that is just right by using the bolt-on top sections of the Top U-plow. Curved and straight profiles available.


Patented technology

The problem with many plows is the “shaking” of the blades against the ground, which easily creates an uneven plowing result. In the Top U-plow this problem has been solved by using a patented blade release mechanism, where one spring has been connected to a so-called “banana groove”. This helps the blade stay pressed against the ground, but in the event of a larger impact, the spring can move in the “banana groove” and the blade gives but then returns to its place.


Image. 4. The Top U-plow has a patented blade release mechanism.



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Size classes

Top 2100/700UA U-Plow 604680
The Top 2100/700UA is a U-plow with a main wing width of 2,100 mm and side wing width of 700 mm. Weight ca. 750 kg.

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Top 2800/1000UA U-Plow 604681
The Top 2800/1000UA is a U-plow with a main wing width of 2,800 mm and side wing width of 1,000 mm. Weight ca. 850kg.

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