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Varisco Storage Tank Pump



Serco Varisco storage tank pumps are suitable for pumping various liquids. The pump is often used for pumping saline solution. Liquids can e.g. be pumped from the transport vehicle to the storage tank and vice versa. The body of the pump is made of a high-quality material and it can withstand pumping both sodium chloride and calcium chloride solutions. The body of the pump as well as the pump cover are made of acid-resistant steel. The pump is started and stopped from a 0/1 switch.


The pump as a distribution board for a construction site

The Serco Varisco pump is also available as a version in which a small distribution board has been integrated into the pump’s frame. There is often a need for e.g. lighting in the places in which liquids are pumped.


Size classes

SERCO Varisco Storage tank pump 600969
Serco Varisco Storage tank pump for e.g. pumping saline solutions.

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