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Vilho LKS Disc Bucket Spreader



Serco Vilho LKS Disc bucket spreaders are efficient and reliable disc bucket spreaders for the spreading of grit in cities and built-up areas. These high-quality machines for cost-effective prevention of slipperiness have been designed, assembled and tested by Serco in Finland. The carefully constructed and managed production chain of Serco ensures the quality of these disc bucket spreaders intended for professional use.


Can be attached to various base machines

Serco Vilho LKS disc bucket spreaders are ideal for fighting slipperiness in a variety of situations and are available for various base machines and in several size classes. The disc bucket spreaders can be mounted e.g. on tractors, wheel loaders, compact tractors and utility machines.

The Serco Vilho LKS series disc bucket spreader can be equipped with any quick coupler. The quick coupler is always part of the delivery and is included in the price. We already stock more than 20 different quick couplers and more can be made if needed.


Robustness creates reliability

Serco Vilho LKS Disc bucket spreaders are fairly simple in construction and are extremely reliable even in tough use. Thanks to their straight-forward and well-designed construction, there are few parts that may malfunction or need servicing. These features are cost-effective in the long run and are user-friendly. Vilho disc bucket spreaders are designed for sanding with 3-6mm or 4-8mm sanding crushed stones. The space between the sander screw and the bucket part is so narrow that we, as a manufacturer, do not recommend applying a coarser than 8mm gravel with these disc bucket spreaders.


Image 1. The Vilho LKS Disk bucket spreader mounted on a base machine using a quick coupler. The customer’s choice of quick coupler is always included in the price of a Vilho LKS Disc bucket spreader.


Saves time and money and makes working easier

Despite their simple operation, the Serco Vilho disc bucket spreaders have all the adjustment possibilities that are necessary for achieving a good result. The electronically controlled, hydraulic adjustments are handily made from the cab during driving. Both spreading capacity and width can be adjusted from the control panel. The spreading width can be steplessly set between 1 and 8 metres.

Thanks to their adjustability, the Serco Vilho LKS Disc bucket spreaders are a material and time-saving choice for keeping slipperiness at bay. In an optimal situation, up to 75% of time can be saved when compared to traditional disc bucket spreaders, thanks to the stepless spreading width adjustment. Up to 30% of spreadable material can be saved, thanks to the even spreading technique of the disc bucket spreader.



Image 2. The control panel for adjusting the spreading capacity and width from the cab.


More versatile than you think

Unlike it is often thought, a SERCO Vilho LKS Disc bucket spreader can also be used for spreading grit close to vehicles. By adjusting the spreading height, it is even possible to spread grit under vehicles. This comes in handy e.g. in truck depots. When spreading grit under trailers using the Vilho LKS, the driven rear wheels of the truck also grip when the truck pulls away the parked trailer.

Clients have also praised the Vilho LKS in property maintenance use when spreading grit on hard-to-reach areas. By raising and tilting the bucket, the Vilho LKS can even be used to spread grit on stairs. It saves time and makes work easier when it isn’t always necessary to take out a shovel for spreading grit on stairs.


User-friendly features

All disc bucket spreaders come equipped with handy electro-hydraulic spreading capacity and width adjustment. Other standard features are a quick coupler adapter and safety net. E.g. rolling protective covers, lip plates and marker lamp sets are available as optional extras for the Serco Vilho LKS Disc bucket spreaders.


Together against slipperiness!

We are interested in mounting the economical and efficient Serco Vilho LKS Disc bucket spreaders on new kinds of base machines and compact tractors. Contact us if there are questions concerning our Vilho LKS Disc bucket spreaders or their suitability for your base machine. Cooperation to end slipperiness!


Size classes

SERCO Vilho 450LKS Disc Bucket Spreader 600833
Serco Vilho 450LKS Disc bucket spreader for base machines in the size class 3,000-4,000 kg.

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SERCO Vilho 650LKS Disc Bucket Spreader 603089
Serco Vilho 650LKS Disc bucket spreader for base machines in the size class 4,000-5,000 kg.

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SERCO Vilho 1000LKS Disc Bucket Spreader 600832
Serco Vilho 1000LKS Disc bucket spreader for base machines in the size class 5,000-6,000 kg.

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SERCO Vilho 1250LKS Disc Bucket Spreader 603105
Serco Vilho 1250LKS Disc bucket spreader for base machines in the size class 6,000-7,000 kg.

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SERCO Vilho 1500LKS Disc Bucket Spreader 602421
Serco Vilho 1500LKS Disc bucket spreader for base machines in the size class 7,000-8,000 kg.

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SERCO Vilho 2000LKS Disc Bucket Spreader 601064
Serco Vilho 2000LKS Disc bucket spreader for base machines in the size class 8,000-9,000 kg.

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SERCO Vilho 3000LKS Disc Bucket Spreader 603106
Serco Vilho 3000LKS Disc bucket spreader for base machines in the size class of more than 9,000 kg.

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