Why should you choose SERCO work devices?



1.      Varied, high-quality work device selection

We can supply work devices suitable for all seasons and all base machines, even trucks. Pick-ups are however not in our range. We ensure that the high-quality, Finnish SERCO work device does what is promised and even more.


2.      Own manufacture, right from design and product development to assembly, spare parts sales and maintenance

The design, development, parts manufacture, painting, assembly, inspection, sales and maintenance of the SERCO device you have bought is provided by one Finnish company. Our ability to react to clients’ demands and questions is exceptionally strong and flexible.


3.      Delivery straight from the warehouse

A large selection of our products is kept ready in our warehouse. This enables extremely fast delivery of both work devices and spare parts. You might even receive the products on the next day after ordering them.


4.      Fast and flexible spare parts service

We and our service partners can supply spare parts to all SERCO work devices, including the ones previously sold under the brands TOP and SKAALA. We keep our most needed spare parts in our warehouse from which we can deliver them even for the next day.


5.      Enabling road maintenance hero stories

We appreciate the work professionals do to keep our environment clean and safe. That is why we work with determination and Finnish Sisu while at all times listening to our clients, so that the true everyday heroes driving the machines can trust the operation and quality of our devices when it is most needed.




WORK DEVICE HEAD OF PURCHASING What can we promise you?


We support you throughout the lifespan of our products from design right to spare parts and a professional maintenance network.



Our common goal is for you to succeed in the purchasing of your company’s work devices.



We can provide you with documentation that is as accurate as needed. We keep you up-to-date on all steps of the delivery. You can contact us in any matters concerning SERCO. No matter is too small.



We guarantee that the SERCO work device we deliver is intended for professional use and is as described.



CONTRACTOR/ENTREPRENEUR What can we promise you?


We are your partner and enable you to develop your business and succeed.



We are a determined partner, who supports you when you need it. We help you develop your business to the next level.



We offer professional, flexible and individual service through the channels you find most natural. We are honest and fair towards all our clients.



As our partner you can trust in the fact that our devices do what is promised and even a bit more.



MACHINE OPERATOR What can we promise you?


We want to be a part in enabling and supporting your valuable work in keeping our environment clean and safe.



We continuously develop our products and services based on your user experience to better suit your needs.



We are here for you in problem situations, even around the clock.



As the end user of our products you can trust in the fact that our devices do what is promised and even a bit more.



DEALER What can we promise you?


We are a trustworthy and innovative partner throughout the lifespan of our products from design right to spare parts and a professional maintenance network.



The good price-value relationship of our products, technical innovations and flexible service form the corner stones of our cooperation.



We promise to support you in all technical questions and problems throughout the lifespan of our products, because if you succeed, we succeed.



When dealing with us, you deal directly with the product developer and manufacturer.





 Stefan Gäddnäs, JS Fastighetsservice Oy

“I have bought many kinds of products during my life, but delivery has never been as quick as it was now. I asked for a quote on a product (SERCO Vilho LKS Spreader) on Thursday, agreed on changes in the quote on Friday and was spreading grit by Tuesday.


We have a lot of large yards to grit in Pietarsaari and now I can say we have the best spreader in all of Ostrobothnia. Work is quick and the results are even.


We will be ordering more SERCO Vilho LS and LKS disc spreaders. Service was client-oriented and flexible.”



Harri Laakso, Cosci-tuning Oy

“We have 7 Wille tractors, all with a TOP plow. TOP plows work really well in the small streets of Helsinki, where we work. There were some small teething problems in the start, but they have always been dealt with by slightly modifying the plows. We are also helped by the fact that we keep spare parts in storage.


I can easily recommend TOP plows to others. They are really handy in small yards. These plows have stayed with us, even though we have tried others.


The spare parts service works really well. Customer service has been really good. We will be buying Top plows also in the future.”




Feedback we received from a client after there had been problems concerning the suitability of a quick coupler (7.1.2020):


Client: “Thank you for good communication on this matter.”


We: “Of course, things have to be seen through.”


Client: “Not everyone takes care of matters as they should these days. But this is always good for continuous cooperation and it makes it easier to recommend you to other clients.”